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First and foremost, I am the very proud father of Martina Elisabeth Martina and (more recently) Karl Patrik Martina. When the kids and my beloved wife Sabina approves, I try to spend some time with my motorcycles Motorcycling and music.Music

Gällivare Grown up in Malmberget (want a taste of the northern culture?), I'm a big fan of skiing - I spent a great deal of my childhood on Dundret, and have also enjoyed skiing in Riksgränsen. I didn't buy carving skis until 2001, but jeez - now skiing was fun again! In a way, I chickened out; despite trying a lot of really fun skis (like the Atomic 9.16 SL), I settled for an all mountain approach - the Head Cyber Cross Ti. They seemed to be a good choice for an all mountain ski; not very exciting in any situation, but OK in most terrain. I did like them in fast wide turns (I actually still have them), but they are a bit too "average"; they don't have enough bite in short aggressive turns and they're not wide enough for off-pist skiing either (even by the standards of that era). Alas, I no longer believe in  "all mountain skis". My advice is: don't chicken out, get one pair of short and brutal slalom skis, and one pair of fat and hard rockers! After a pair of Stöckli Laser and Head Mojo 90, I now (2011) run Völkl Racetiger SL (race stock) and K2 Sidestash (188 cm with Marker Duke and precut skins). I love both! The tigers are a ton of fun on groomers and turn short Stockholm slopes into Kitzbühler Horn (I do at least 1000 turns in Väsjöbacken :-). The K2s are stiff enough to plough through Scandinavian crud and wide enough to carry even me in softer snow, and - much to my surprise - they behave quite well on hard snow, even in short turns.

DartFor a few years up north, I played some darts for the Malmfältens Arctic Darts Society and the Kiruna dart club at Arran (I am proud to call myself a co-founder of both organizations). I still have my darts, but I'd be surprised if I'd be able to hit anything except the wall with them nowadays. While I was an active player, I re-typed the official Swedish rules (in Swedish). Please feel free to copy and use these as you like (except for distorting them). As far as I know, there is no copyright, and I believe any darts organization would like the rules to be spread and used. 

Besides (not) playing instruments, (not) restoring my motorcycles, (not) skiing, and (not) playing darts, I also run an open source project to maintain my MP3 collection, the p2rplaylister, and ama committer on the Social Music Discovery project. Both are nightware.

Finally, I can assure you that almost everything you've heard about arctic Norrland is  not true. It's understated.

PS: If you want to stay in touch, I maintain my current address info on the web - add me to your address book?

I'm not a very good or keen cook, but as a well-behaved Norrlänning, my page will of course have to sport a recipe for Palt :-) And while at it, I also wrote down a few other "classic" recipes that I turn to every now and then (mostly in Swedish):

In recent years, I've actually started cooking a bit more. Still no good cook, but I keep a few recipes on Tasteline.

I've also saved a few miscellaneous documents for various reasons: